Our Favorite Lullabies

Our nights are never complete without lullabies.


When I was young, my parents always sang me lullabies.. which were usually songs by The Carpenters, I think. Lullabies to me are nostalgic, and having someone sing you a lullaby is, I think, a beautiful way to bond. Whenever I’d hear a nice song on the radio, I’d sometimes think to myself ‘This would make a pretty lullaby” and store it in the back of my head for future reference.

However, if you’re like me and have gone through general anaesthesia thrice in two years, you tend to forget a LOT. So when The Little Troublemaker was born, for some reason I could not think of a song to sing him to sleep. Call me picky or whatever, but I wanted the song to be meaningful and not just some random pop song.The first song that popped into my head was “Skidamarink” because I used to sing it a lot when I was a kid! So I ended up singing him nothing but a slow version of  “Skidamarink” for weeks, and I sang it so much that my husband learned the song, too.

As time passed my list of lullabies grew with songs that The Little Troublemaker enjoys and actually falls asleep to. I’ve tried singing him slow versions of our favorite songs, which are along the lines of rock and alternative, but they never really put him to sleep.

These are The Little Troublemaker’s favorite lullabies:

Rainbow Connection (Kermit the Frog). This song is from the Muppet Movie, there’s another version of this song by the Carpenters which I also like.

Til There Was You (The Beatles). One of my favorite songs by The Beatles, the video below though is from a Paul McCartney performance. I like playing this on the ukulele, too. I just love this song so much.

La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaf). This is a song I learned when I started playing the guitar in college. Although it was originally by Edith Piaf, a lot of covers have come out especially since Cristin Milioti sang it in How I Met Your Mother. Below is one of my favorite covers of the song by Daniel Andrade.

If I Didn’t Care (Amy Adams). This song is originally by The Ink Spots, but Amy Adams sang this in the movie Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day with Lee Pace, one of my favorite actors. This song was stuck on my mind for a while and I loved it so much that it ended up as a lullaby.

Hushabye Mountain (Dick Van Dyke). This song is from one of my favorite movies as a kid, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This easily puts The Little Troublemaker to sleep. To me, this is one of the most perfect lullabies ever with it’s lyrics and tune. Again, there are several versions of this on Youtube, but I think Stacey Kent’s version would make more people appreciate the song. But the original version by Dick Van Dyke will always be dear to me.

Beautiful Boy (John Lennon). What I love the most about this song is how it just expresses what every parent wants to tell their kids as they grow up.

Somewhere Out There (from American Tale). When I try to find songs to sing I like to sift through cartoons or animated movies I watched as a kid and remember which ones had nice theme songs. This was one of those songs, and would you believe The Little Troublemaker loved this so much that he actually learned to sing it on his own? When he throws tantrums we sometimes just start singing this and he calms down right away. Like an anti-meltdown song, lol.

You’ll Be In My Heart (Phil Collins). This is The Little Troublemaker’s current favorite song. He doesn’t care for the movie Tarzan though, just the song. He especially likes singing the chorus, it just melts my heart especially when he says ‘alwaaaays…’.

Little Bird (Elizabeth Mitchell). I’m not sure how I came across this song, I really can’t remember. But this is a nice song to sing to kids, because there’s a part where you ask them what sound the bird makes and they can answer back. Try to give it a listen and you’ll know what I mean.

If You Rescue Me (from The Science of Sleep). I first heard this song when I saw the movie The Science of Sleep. The song is actually a version of The Velvet Underground’s song ‘After Hours’, same tune except for the lyrics because words were made to sound like a kitten was singing the song. It makes a good lullaby so I like to sing it every now and then.

That pretty much sums up my list of lullabies. Although I sing other songs when I feel like it, these are the songs on repeat on most nights. When I’m too tired to sing I sometimes look for music box versions of the songs on Youtube and they work just as well, but that really can’t compare to how much more soothing our voices are to our kids and how singing to them at night lets you bond with them more.

Do you love singing your kids to sleep too? What are your favorite lullabies?




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My Visit to Perps Skin and Body Center (MedSpa)

Last month has been nothing short of crazy. I was recently promoted at my work-from-home job (hooraaay!) and I now handle a team of virtual assistants. With the added responsibilities came bundled added stress, I mean can you imagine being on your computer for eight hours straight? The first few weeks at my new post took a toll on my back, because I did not have a proper office chair to support it entirely.

So when I remembered that I had an invitation to try out the MedSpa services of the University of Perpetual Help DALTA Medical Center, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to de-stress and relax! A big shout out to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for making this possible.

My Visit to Perps Skin and Body Center

Perps Skin and Body Center (MedSpa) offers a variety of services such as facials, body treatments, dermatological treatments, and massages.


I was scheduled to visit Perps Skin and Body Center just this Monday, November 23. It is part of the University of Perpetual Help DALTA Medical Center’s Wellness Complex, which is easy to spot along Alabang-Zapote Road, just across KFC Times. When you enter the Wellness Complex, the MedSpa is at the first door on the right.

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My Struggle with PCOS

At the beginning of the year, a lot of stressful things occurred. My son was confined on New Year’s Day and a few weeks later I was re-assigned to a new client who had more demands than my previous one. The stress kept piling up over the following months and I noticed how I gained a lot of weight, how my acne increased and how I felt down a lot. I found myself just wanting to stay in bed the entire day and just eat, work and sleep. I lost interest in my usual hobbies including blogging, which explains why you haven’t seen anything new here lately.

Just this summer, I convinced myself to start changing my lifestyle by exercising more often and eating well. It was tough because I continued to feel the pressure from work and I carried the stress with me even after work hours. Exercising helped me feel a bit better but at the end of the day, my mind was always clouded with thoughts of my being a failure at work. A few months into my “lifestyle change”, I decided to weigh myself and realized that I gained more pounds and I also noticed some clothes got tighter. You can imagine my disappointment. I knew I was supposed to lose weight at that point, but for some reason by body was not responding to my weight loss efforts.

Bothered by my inability to lose weight, I decided to see a doctor. I figured it might be hormonal because of my persistent jawline acne and my delayed menstrual cycle. After a few consultations and tests she determined I had PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS and that I was having a hard time losing weight because I was insulin resistant. I was told that being insulin resistant comes with PCOS, like a ‘package deal’, and that it means that my body is not processing insulin properly. Although I felt frustrated upon finding out something was wrong with me, I felt somewhat relieved that I could finally put a “name” to everything I’ve been going through. I wasn’t just “not trying hard enough” or “Stressed lang” like most people around me would say. More importantly, now that I am working with a doctor to manage my condition I don’t feel so alone anymore and I am finally getting proper care.

[Photo Source]
I didn’t realize though that treating my PCOS symptoms would be tougher. You see, my doctor wanted to address my delayed menstrual cycle first above everything else, so we set the acne and weight gain issues aside and worked on regulating my cycles and for this she prescribed me some good ‘ol pills. I’ve never taken birth control pills before for a prolonged period – I lasted about five days and gave up because the side effects were terrible. I raised this concern with my doctor and she told me I had to deal with the side effects and give my body about a month to adjust, plus the pills were supposed to help with my acne. She also wanted me to continue with the diet and exercise and to avoid stress because it can aggravate my condition.

Being on the pill for a month was a roller coaster ride. During the first few weeks I was just a huge mess – I had headaches, I couldn’t sleep, I always felt nauseated especially at night (which covers my work hours), I had mood swings and cried for no reason, and my acne grew WORSE. It affected my productivity at work and I got even more stressed. A week later the side effects seemed to subside, but just when I though things were getting better, I was going down the roller coaster again. It was just horrible. The worst part was that my next cycle was still delayed.

At this point I spoke to my supervisor at work, and explained my situation. She understood how tough it was for me and she agreed to help me find another position if I pay my doctor a visit and get recommendation for less stressful work. It just so happened that I was due for a check-up. When I spoke to my doctor, she said I had to stay on the pill for another month and if it yielded the same results I’d have to switch brands. Seeing that I was indeed under a lot more stress than before, she agreed to write a recommendation for less stressful work. That same day, I got word from my supervisor that my client cancelled his contract with me – an immediate cancellation. Although the cancellation was not due to my performance, I still felt disappointed. However, I couldn’t stop thinking that the timing seemed to be convenient to my situation. As my husband likes to say, it’s as if it were “God’s will”.

My supervisors decided to give me two weeks off before taking on a new position at work. If anything, they want me to feel better before I take on a new client again. I think that’s just what I need – time to deal with the stress and “reset”. I’m really glad that my supervisors accommodated my request and understood my situation. So here I am now, typing away on my blog and trying to bring it back to life (Ugh, that sounded cheesy!). I can’t believe that I didn’t get the chance to blog about my birthday last May, or my Little Troublemaker’s birthday last June, and our latest stories and milestones.

If you’re one of my readers, I’m sorry if I’ve been away for so long. There’s just been so much to deal with but I’m working on getting back on my feet. I have this crazy list of things I want to blog about, and I will be sure to scratch them all off my list.

I’m curious to know though if are other moms out there with PCOS. How are you dealing with these crazy symptoms? Please feel free to share in the comments below, I really want to hear from you because I’m new to this. Thank you!



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My Toddler’s Wardrobe

When my son was less than a year old, he was always showered with gifts, especially clothes. There were always a few pieces that he never got to wear because he outgrew them too soon. Even with the surplus of clothes, my husband and I still liked buying him a few unique pieces we’d find while shopping.

Now that my son’s a toddler, his wardrobe has significantly decreased to a few basics. We no longer buy him cute costumes and matching clothes or ternos. These are the staples in my toddler’s wardrobe.


No brainer, with the tropical weather and all. I bought him two packs of these in time for summer along with lampins which we insert between his back and his sando or shirt to absorb any sweat. I got these sandos at Robinsons Department Store for about P300 for a pack of three. I bought them in a bigger size so he won’t outgrow them easily.

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph



My son has a good number of shirts which were pasalubongs from my parents’ trip to the US and Canada last year. He wears them when we go out, and sometimes at bedtime when his pajamas are in the laundry. We still but him new ones once in a while, like these from Uniqlo (UT Collection) and Cotton On Kids. I like how they are super soft and breathable, I bet they’re comfy too.

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph


He only has two pairs of pants – jeans for days out at the mall and jogging pants for his afternoon walks. We used to buy him pants all the time but we realized it wasn’t practical because he rarely goes out. I scored these GAP jogging pants at a tiangge in Festival Mall for P150, I liked how comfy they felt and that they were thick enough for in case he tripped and scraped his knees. Too bad there weren’t many of the same kind, they mostly had leggings and skirts for girls.


toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph


We don’t stock up on pambahay shorts because my son keeps cool by wearing just a sando and his diapers while indoors. I prefer it that way because it means less laundry plus I can easily see when his diapers need to be changed. He does have a pair of shorts that we bought from Gingersnaps that he occasionally wears on days out at the mall. I like to pack it as a spare for his jeans.

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomphtoddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph


He used to have four pairs of shoes but when my sister in law gave him these Spongebob Crocs last Christmas, he would never wear another pair. He has grown fond of them to the point that he would not even try a new pair of shoes! Now we just stick to this one, he walks fine in them and I like how they’re easy to clean. I think though that it would be nice for him to have a pair of sandals to alternate with plus I’m a big fan of sandals – they’re comfy and casual and I just love them. The thing though with boy’s sandals is that there aren’t many designs to choose from in malls – mostly cartoon characters or typical patterns unlike girl’s sandals. I love browsing girl’s shoes and sandals because I like imagining how I would dress a baby girl if I had one. When I’m randomly browsing online stores I can’t help but check them out them – all the laces and pink, frills and purples and everything else girly. You can check out ZALORA Marketplace for cute finds for your little one like sandals for baby girls and you’ll see what I mean!

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph

When we don’t have the AC on, I only have him wear a shirt to bed so that he feels cool. But for most days, which is when we have the AC on, I let him jump into these pajamas. They came in a pack of three from Mothercare and were a gift from his grandpa. I prefers these because he’s covered from the neck down, making him less susceptible to mosquito bites so that we don’t need to slather mosquito repellents all the time. Since he only uses them at night, I hang them in the morning and let him use them again at bedtime.

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph


That sums up the current staples in my toddler’s wardrobe. I like to think that keeping this clothes to a minimum is practical and he gets to wear everything – no more feeling bad when he outgrows a piece of clothing. If I do need to buy him a new shirt once in a while I buy it in a bigger size so that he can use it longer – nothing too awkwardly big though!

What staples do you have in your toddler’s closet? Share them with me in the comments below.



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My Brow Makeover at Brow Lounge Alabang

If there’s anything else I’m clueless about besides motherhood, that would be make up. No matter how many video tutorials I watch, I just suck at applying make up, especially doing brows. Earlier this year I overplucked my brows and looked ridiculous for the longest time, good thing I work from home otherwise I’d be forced to learn how to fill in my murdered brows, which I can assume would not go well.

So I grew out my brows for months and they turned into this hideous shapeless mess. I decided that I would finally have my brows done at one of those brow salons I’ve read about online. After a bit of research I learned that the brow salon closest to me is Brow Lounge in Festival Mall, Alabang. I decided to finally pay them a visit earlier today.

brow lounge alabang - thecluelessmomph.com


I was in a hurry today so I didn’t have time to stop and carefully compose my photos. I just stole some shots as I was going through the salon. Typical me.

When I arrived the salon had just opened. It was clean and the ambiance was very welcoming. The staff who assisted me at the reception area was Rhea, she had me sign up and in a few minutes she ushered me into the salon. 

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